The Wrong Way to Make Your Criminal Case Easy

Alfonso Gambone
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A Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer representing accused persons throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Easy ButtonPeople often call our law firm asking, “what’s the simplest way to fix my case?”. Criminal cases, especially those in Pennsylvania and New Jersey involving drugsguns, or DUI, are complicated because there are significant long term consequences if the case isn’t handled appropriately with the help of a strong criminal defense attorney. There is really only one way to simplify a criminal case and that’s to plead guilty and accept what the assistant District Attorney is offering you without challenging any of the evidence with pre-trial Motions to Quash, Suppress, or Exclude Evidence against you.

If you plead guilty you also give up your rights to challenge evidence at trial. The Commonwealth (prosecution) must establish each and every element against you beyond a reasonable doubt. There are nine (9) types of DUI charges, a number of charges under the Uniform Firearms Act (VUFA crimes) and close to an equal number if not more under the Pennsylvania Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act.  If you plead guilty, however, you’re essentially saying there is no need for the Commonwealth to meet its burden of proof and you simply want to get this over with as soon as possible!

My purpose here isn’t to judge individuals who have this mindset but if you fall within this group save your money, your time, and don’t hire my law firm! We are in the business of helping people and refuse to charge someone literally thousands of dollars for simply being the “potted plant” next to them in a criminal court room in Pennsylvania or New Jersey.

There are times when it is in a person’s best interest to enter a guilty plea. Prior to making such a decision however a person should have a strong understanding of his or her options and potential consequences. This is the reason why our law firm is constantly putting out information in the form of books, newsletters, blogs, and videos on topics that focus on guns, drugs, and DUI. These are the most common offenses that we see in our criminal defense practice.

Most of our clients don’t have a long criminal history and many are first time offenders who simply found themselves in a bad situation. The solution to this situation, however, isn’t to roll over and plead guilty but rather hire a criminal defense lawyer who is going to challenge the evidence and earn the literally thousands of dollars you’re going to pay him!

While our firm understands that money is a consideration don’t hire the cheapest attorney or the attorney that is willing to slash prices or “cut his normal fee in half” just to get your business. Be extremely mindful of any attorney who competes on price and it is usually easy to spot these individuals. Your attorney’s analysis shouldn’t begin with an explanation of their fees but rather an explanation of the following:

  1. preliminary hearings
  2. pre-trial motions
  3. jury vs. judge trial
  4. categories of offenses
  5. actual vs. constructive possession.

I’ve made videos on many of these topics.  These are just some of the topics that your attorney should bring up during the initial consultation in addition to providing you more information about the practice and himself. In closing, there is no easy way to get rid of a criminal case. Check out our free download section to learn more about our criminal defense practice.

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