While I write books with the intent to educate, I hope you’ll learn a little about my personal philosophy on the practice of law and life.

Alfonso Gambone
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A Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer representing accused persons throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The purpose of these books  is to provide you with a broad understanding of criminal justice and criminal defense. If you would like to explore these topics in further detail, I encourage you to review the texts, the statutes, and the judicial decisions cited within it. While most of the concepts and terms focus on matters within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the core principles are applicable to other state jurisdictions as well as the federal criminal justice system. 

I have committed my professional life to representing people charged with crimes. It is a lifelong commitment that requires continuous education, training, and self-improvement. This book and the knowledge it contains reflect my personal and professional core values: 


  • LeadDon’t follow the standard, set it. 

  • FocusMinimize distractions, find the solutions, and get the results. 

  • InvestDevote time to daily exercise, education, and self-improvement. 

  • BuildEstablish and grow relationships through education. 

  • DevelopTeach independence to ensure continuity after succession. 


I live by these values; they are critical to my success as a husband, a father, and as a trial attorney. The self-improvement process never ends, so please excuse the parts of this book that appear confusing. I also encourage you to email or call me with comments or questions on the topics discussed in the book. I often learn the most from my critics. 

While I write books with the intent to educate, I hope you’ll learn a little about my personal philosophy on the practice of law and life. Many people, including some of my fellow lawyers, say that the legal profession is personally and professionally unrewarding. While I cant comment on other areas of the law, I couldnt disagree more with these critics regarding criminal defense work. 

Like a professional athlete or a surgeon, a criminal trial lawyer must constantly train, educate, and retrain to maintain his or her peak performance level to achieve personal and professional success. Every case is a unique challenge, but a great lawyer adapts and rises to it. In every case, our opponent wants to not only beat us but run up the score to use a sports analogy. They want to show they are professionally superior whether it’s in front of a judge, a jury, our colleagues, the media, or most important you, the client! 

Good defense attorneys are ready for this. We are disciplined in mind, body, and spirit. We wake up earlier than the competition; we invest more money and time in our professional education, growth, and development. We train harder and demand more of ourselves than anyone else does. We are relentless and never complacent professionally or personally. There is no top end, no ceiling; that means there is always room for our improvement and growth. 

I firmly believe that lawyers who welcome these challenges and practice these daily disciplines will consistently achieve solid results for their clients and find the practice of law and their lives rewarding on all levels. Criminal defense is a contact sport; lawyers should come ready to play or go off to find another area of the law or another profession that demands less than their best! 

Learning is a lifelong process and studies show that we can continue to develop our minds at any age.  I am a strong proponent of continuous education and if you would like to supplement your understanding of criminal defense on a regular basis, subscribe to our firms bi-monthly e-newsletter and our monthly legal update. We will email the E-Newsletter to you and mail our Monthly Update to your home or business. Both of these important communications are free! You may subscribe by visiting GAMBONELAW.COM or calling us at (215) 7559000.  

The goal of these books is to present concepts and to briefly explain them.  These books are not meant as a substitute for a professional consultation with an attorney.  My goal is simply to make you a better educated client. While I welcome the opportunity to defend someone’s constitutional rights, these books do not constitute an attorney-client relationship.