Bail in Pennsylvania is Based on a Number of Factors

One of the biggest question that my firm receives is about the right to bail.  When a person is arrested, both he and his family want to know about how soon can we get out of jail and how much is it going to cost.  Bail in Pennsylvania is based on a number of factors and what a court will look at is obviously the severity of the crime, the person's prior criminal history and the person's contacts with the community.

Now if the person has strong contacts with the community, a family, a home, a business.  All of this helpful to a bail arguement.  On top of that the court will determine whether or not a person is a threat to the community and that is normally based off of a person's prior criminal history.  So if they have convictions or even arrests for crimes of violence, that could affect the courts decision to raise or increase a bail.  Finally the court will look at the severity of the crime and whether or not the crime in and of itself deems a person a danger.

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